April Segment of the Month

April is upon us and with the ‘lockdown’ in place due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we all need to remain mindful of the rules around social distancing and responsible riding in line with the Government guidance for daily outdoor exercise.

This month’s segment is one for the Sprinters. A sub 1-minute effort that will challenge you to (safely) push the limits of your power. Outright Watts will come into play more that Watts / Kg would do on a climb, so make sure your legs are fresh for this effort.

With safety in mind please pay special attention to the rules of the road, remembering to be safe and vigilant when riding this segment. It has been selected specifically to allow good line of sight for traffic, pedestrians and other unanticipated obstructions, whilst also giving plenty of ‘run off’ afterwards to avoid the need to come to a stop abruptly.

The segment begins by the telegraph pole on the Old Stoke Road heading towards Stoke Charity, just past the cluster of farm buildings on your right. You approach the segment from the South, having the opportunity to build up some entry speed on the straight that passes the farm buildings.

Push on down the slight downhill ramp and then apply maximum effort to carry you along the slightly false flat that brings you to the segment end, which is marked by the small iron gate on your left, which is parallel to a row of trees and also just at the foot of the next rolling small ramp that leads the road on into Stoke Charity village.

The link to the segment is here: https://www.strava.com/segments/23241028

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April Segment of the Month