Chase The Sun Alternative Mid-Summer Cycle

Your alternative Chase the Sun mid-summer’s 2020 cycle challenge

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the regular Chase the Sun rides are cancelled this year. However the organisers couldn’t resist coming up with an fun alternative challenge for you, to get you all out riding on the year’s longest day.

Introducing Chase the Sun BINGO – it’s just a bit of fun, open to all – we hope you will join in!

How it Works

1) Using this link download the Bingo card using the button at the bottom

2) Plan your own route, around your local landmarks (similar to those prescribed)

3) Get on your bike, head out for a ride on the longest day.* Enjoy, and Share!

*ride individually or in appropriate small groups, heeding relevant COVID advice

Chase the Sun BINGO Challenge 2020
Ride on Sat / Sun 20th / 21st June


All the key information is included on the bingo card, but a few notes here for clarity:

OPEN TO ALL: No need to be fit, or fast. Choose your own route and distance.

LOCATION: Ride wherever you are in the world. A bit of map exploring and research to find relevant landmarks in your local area is all part of the challenge.

BE SMART: Use creative interpretation to find similar landmarks in your area.

NON-COMPETITIVE: No requirement to tick all the boxes. No winners, no prizes. It’s just a bit of fun, to ride and share experiences. Just like the CTS ethos.

SHARE: The important bit. We want to hear how you get on! Share a photo from your ride, and tell us your favourite moment.

“Chase the Sun Bingo is an alternative navigational, motivational and physical cycling challenge, to explore on the longest day via two wheels. Hope you enjoy! “

Olly – CTS founder

We hope you will all get involved, and take the opportunity to get out for a short or long ride on your bikes over the longest weekend, to see what you can find, and share a moment with the CTS community. Please also help us spread the word and share the challenge idea with other cyclists you know.

Happy Cycling,

Olly, Phil & the CTS team