Get on Your Bike and Ride!

We are pleased to announce that starting on Sunday 6th December, the VC Venta clubs rides will recommence.

Due to COVID-19, there will be changes to the way these rides are organised so please read the following carefully.

  1. We will be running three different speed Sunday club rides as usual. Each group will have a maximum of 6 riders but if there are more than 6 people for a given speed, then multiple groups can be formed. For example, each 14, 16 and 18 rides could have 2 or more groups of 6.
  2. The Club 18 ride, 18 to 20+ mph, will depart from the car park in front of the Winchester Hotel on Sunday at 8:50 and the Club 14 ride, 14 to 15mph and the Club 16, 16 to 17mph, will depart at 9:00. The staggered start time will help reduce congestion and help keep the riders safe.
  3. Please arrive at the car park no earlier than 10 minutes before the start time and maintain the recommended 2-meter distance between you and any other rider whilst waiting.
  4. For the time being, we are unable to accommodate guest riders so the rides are only open to VC Venta club members, including 2nd claim members.
  5. To conform to the guidance set out by British Cycling, we need to track who is in each group. To make this easier we have set up an online form VC Venta Sunday Rides Booking FormPlease complete the form before 9:00 pm on Saturdays.
  6. If you have the NHS COVID-19 app, you will be able to check-in on the day using a QR code. This is not necessary if you have already registered using the form above.
  7. Please do not consider joining the rides if you have COVID-19, have symptoms, or are isolating as a contact, or if someone you live with is shielding, or you are shielding.
  8. Please familiarise yourselves with the VC Venta Club Ride Winter routes Ride with GPS – VC Venta. Please download the Winter Routes to your GPS devices. Winter rides have the letter W in front of them in the list of rides.
  9. Make sure you come equipped with spare tubes, tool, pump etc., as to minimise contact with others these should not be shared

Further information about safe riding can be found on the British Cycling website and we recommend that anyone coming along to the VC Venta club rides are familiar with this advice. British Cycling COVID Guidance

Due to the potential of having more groups than usual, we desperately need volunteers to lead rides, as each group needs a leader. If you are interested please contact us at and you will be given help and advice. This would help us and your fellow members greatly and is an easy and really enjoyable activity. There is also a checkbox on the booking form to indicate that you would be happy to lead rides.