January 2021 SOTM Results and Overall GC Position

This new year greeted us with yet another lockdown and also some of the worst weather for quite a while. These reasons no doubt contributed to the limited number of attempts on the January Segment of The Month.

In the women’s competition, no times were set this month, as (perhaps sensibly given the weather) any competitors may have elected to stay indoors!

In the men’s competition, the podium winners from last year’s competition laid down an ominous set of markers for the rest of the field. Christopher Purver came out on top with a very decent time of 1:21. Things were pretty tight for second and third places with James Cocker and Ben Gibbs returning super-close times of 1:22 and 1:25 respectively.

In the middle placings, Jim Cascarini, James Locke and David Martin all hit times in the 1:30’s picking up useful points in the process. With this being the first month of the year, the current GC positions all match the aforementioned results.

February’s segment is longer and requires more careful pacing, along with a sting in the tail to catch you out. Can last year’s men’s competition winner Ben Gibbs regain his top spot? Will any new challengers emerge in the woman’s competition?

Click the link here to take a look at February’s segment:  https://www.strava.com/segments/26709791

Results for January 2021 and current GC ranking


Position Name Time Points
1 Christopher Purver 01:21 15
2 James Cocker 01:22 12
3 Ben Gibbs 01:25 10
4 Jim Cascarini 01:33 8
5 James Locke 01:36 6
6 David Martin 01:38 5
7 Martin Evans 01:49 4
8 Philip Allen 01:51 3
9 Neil Towns 01:53 2
10 Andy Watkins 01:57 1
11 Daniel Mahony 02:07 0
12 Richard Smith 02:33 0