January 2020 Results and Overall GC Position

The recent cold, dark and often wet weather deterred many of you who have signed up to this year’s challenge, from braving the elements to tackle the Kilmeston knockout segment for January.

In the men’s competition Ben Gibbs put in an almost KoM-matching (and frankly incredible) time of 05:03 to secure top spot and a full 15 GC points in the process. James Cocker and Christopher Purver came a creditable second and third place respectively with very similar times times.

In the women’s competition Izzy Wild rode without challenge to the top spot with a blistering 06:25, enjoying the full 15 GC points as a result.

Current GC positions all match the aforementioned results as this is month #01 of our challenge. Will February’s segment see Ben Gibbs reign supreme again or can anyone challenge his lead on the Northington classic? Will anyone from our women’s membership look to give Izzy Wild some competition?

Click the link here to see if you are up to the job:


Results and position for January segment challenge and current GC ranking

Position Name Time Points
1 Ben Gibbs 05:03 15
2 James Cocker 05:29 12
3 Christopher Purver 05:35 10
4 Chris Hughes 06:28 8
5 Jim Cascarini 06:39 6
6 Richard Smith 06:54 5
7 Andy Watkins 07:16 4


Position Name Time Points
1 Izzy Wild 06:25 15