January 20201 Strava Segment of the Month

January rolls around again and the VCV segment of the month challenge is back for its seventh edition in 2021. We have updated the name of the existing Strava club for this year, so if you previously signed up for 2020 you are all set and ready to go; please find the link below:


As a reminder, please check out the full rules of the competition here:


We see in the New Year with a local segment that sets an appropriate opening tone for the competition ahead. This is a short but snappy climb at just under a third of a mile in length but an average gradient of 9%.

The segment begins at the bottom of Cow Drove Hill, 25 yards from the main A3057 that runs through King’s Somborne village and is marked by the road sign on the left of the lane that identifies “OLD FROMANS FARM”.

The initial slight right-hand curve that passes between the houses at the bottom of the hill, gives way to an arrow straight climb that looms before you. The gradient ramps up immediately to around 13% and then continues to fluctuate between 8% and 11% for the section of road that remains in view.

Respite comes as you pass How Park lane on your left, signifying an easing of the gradient whilst the road curves gently to the left. You are now in the run-in to the finish line that marks the crest of the hill and will require an extra effort as you sprint for the line.

Take care with your approach from the main A3057, ensuring you don’t either cross oncoming traffic or encounter any cars that may appear at the last minute as they round the small curve in the road at the bottom of the hill. As always, please follow the rules of the road, along with any social distancing rules that may be in place at the time.

The link to the segment is here: