July 2020 results and GC position

July’s punchy hill climbing segment through Wherwell village, brought out the competitive spirit amongst club members with a number of repeat-attempts to best each other’s times.

In the women’s competition Jools May took the full 15 points for first place with a quick time of 02:15. Joanne Clarke came a close second with a time of 02:18. Vanda Kyselicova took third position with a time of 03:16 to sweep up the 12 points on offer, as the third and final time posted this month in the women’s competition.

In the men’s competition, James Cocker triumphed with a blistering time of 01:43 on the last day of the month. Current GC leader Ben Gibbs came in a close second at 01:47 and Giles Corner rounded off the top three with a time of 01:49. Seven of the top 10 men’s times came in under the 2-minute mark, demonstrating the ferocity of the competition this year between those who are vying for a position at the head of the GC leader board.

In the Women’s GC competition, Jools May moves up onto 60 points, solidifying her second place and moving nearer to Izzy Wild, who despite not positing a time this month remains in the lead on 102 points.

In the men’s GC Ben Gibbs remains ahead of the pack, now on 104 points, however James Cocker is still in contention, just 12 points behind on 92 points. Christopher Purver has solidified his third-place position on 63 points, however Jim Cascerini, who leads the rest of the chasing pack remains able to catch Jim, if he can sufficiently outscore Christopher over the course of the remaining three months of this year’s competition.

The mid-table battle for 5th to 8th places is incredibly tight, with Martin Evans currently ahead by the smallest of margins. These riders are the group that may prove to provide the closest rivalry over the remaining segments of 2020’s competition.

Please remember to register with the updated VCV segment of the month challenge ‘Strava’ club, via this link if you want to participate and have your time counted:


The segment for August is a challenging TT style 4-mile run from Axford towards Herriard.

Take a look at the Strava link: https://www.strava.com/segments/24951452

Results for July 2020 Segment


Position Name Time Points
1 James Cocker 01:43 15
2 Ben Gibbs 01:47 12
3 Giles Corner 01:49 10
4 James Locke 01:52 8
5 Philip Hurst Jr. 01:54 6
6 Christopher Purver 01:56 5
7 Jim Cascerini 01:59 4
8 Martins Evans 02:07 3
9 Daniel Mahony 02:19 2
10 Philip Allen 02:22 1


Position Name Time Points
1 Jools May 02:15 15
2 Joanne Clarke 02:18 12
3 Vanda Kyselicova 03:16 10

2020 GC Ranking


Position Name Points
1 Ben Gibbs 104
2 James Cocker 92
3 Christopher Purver 66
4 Jim Cascarini 42
5 Martin Evans 33
6 James Locke 32
7 Daniel Mahony 31
8 Philip Hurst Jr 27
9 Pawel Niewiadomy 16
10 Ryan Seed 15
11 Andy Watkins 13
12 Dave Morris 12
13 TV 12
14 Giles Corner 10
15 Chris Hughes 9
16 Philip Allen 9
17 Richard Smith 5
18 Jack Broadfoot 4
19 Raf Izak 4
20 Adrian Bazxer 3


Position Name Points
1 Izzy Wild 102
2 Jools May 60
3 Nici Ferguson 44
4 Vanda Kyselicova 26
5 Joanne Clarke 24