May Segment of the Month

May is here, and having been spoilt with a long-awaited spell of good weather in April, we are hoping for more of the same as Spring melts into Summer.

With the Lockdown showing no sign ending any time soon, please remember to adhere to the rules around social distancing and responsible riding in line with the Government guidance for daily outdoor exercise.

May’s segment is a Puncheur’s delight, relatively short in length with rolling terrain and a couple of steep kicks to keep you honest and (probably) out of the saddle. Expect to be pushing hard for the entire segment if you want to feature at the top end of the leader-board.

The segment begins just past the turnoff from the A30 on Bullington Lane. You push on under the A34 and then almost immediately pass under the old Winchester to Andover railway line viaduct, then taking on the first short incline that passes the picturesque St. Michael’s church on the right.

Take time to catch your breath on the brief downhill, before a short false flat. Then begin the longer rolling incline that sees the segment eventually end as you crest the peak of the final hill, which marks the descent into Barton Stacey village and a chance to recover and reflect on your effort.

The link to the segment is here:

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