May 2020 Results and Overall GC Position

May’s passing marks the midpoint of this year’s segment of the month competition.

The continued good weather and longer evenings probably contributed to a notable increase in the number of attempts by competing riders to best each other’s times over the May segment.

In the women’s competition Jools May set a blistering and unbeatable time of 3:54 for first place, taking the QoM with it, by an impressive margin. Women’s GC leader, Izzy Wild, took second with a time of 4:28, closely followed by Nici Ferguson at 4:38.

On the women’s GC leader-board Izzy continues to hold first position with a heady 72 points, and whilst it is still mathematically possible for her to be caught, it will take a consistently strong effort by one of the other riders over the second half of this year’s competition, to reel her back in.

In the men’s competition, the running was extremely close with many riders taking a number of attempts in order to improve their own times over the course of the month.

First place honours were shared between James Cocker and Ben Gibbs who also now share the impressive new KoM time of 3:37. Christopher Purver sealed third place with a time of 03:45. Incredibly, only 20 seconds covered the remaining 7 places in the top 10, showing clearly how tight the competition was this month.

In the men’s GC the top four places remain the same, with Ben Gibbs maintaining a 9-point lead over James Cocker. Christopher Purver is still in touch on 45 points, whilst the reminder of the men’s field saw some minor changes in placing.

June’s Queen segment is the longest of the competition for 2020 and will provide a stern test for the competing riders with around four and a half miles of climbing and rolling terrain to contend with.

Also, with double points available this month there is a huge opportunity for some riders to leave their mark and leapfrog others in the rankings, or close any gaps considerably.

Click the link here to view June’s segment:

Results for May 2020 Segment


Position Name Time Points
1 James Cocker 03:37 15
2 Ben Gibbs 03:37 15
3 Christopher Purver 03:45 10
4 James Locke 03:48 8
5 Jim Cascerini 03:49 6
6 Pawel Niewiadomy 03:51 5
7 Daniel Mahony 03:53 4
8 Philip Allen 03:59 3
9 Jack Broadfoot 04:01 2
10 Philip Hurst Jr 04:05 1


Position Name Time Points
1 Jools May 03:54 15
2 Izzy Wild 04:28 12
3 Nici Ferguson 04:38 10

Current 2020 Segment Challenge GC Position and Ranking


Position Name Points
1 Ben Gibbs 62
2 James Cocker 53
3 Christopher Purver 45
4 Jim Cascarini 32
5 Martin Evans 22
6 Daniel Mahony 19
7 Pawel Niewiadomy 16
8 Ryan Seed 15
9 Dave Morris 12
10 TV 12
11 James Locke 12
12 Andy Watkins 9
13 Chris Hughes 9
14 Richard Smith 5
15 Philip Allen 8
16 Raf Izak 4
17 Adrian Bazter 3
18 Jack Broadfoot 2
19 Philip Hurst Jr 1


Position Name Points
1 Izzy Wild 72
2 Nici Ferguson 22
3 Jools May 15