Lands End to Portsmouth in 18 hours 29 minutes

VC Venta member, Nick Tarmey has smashed his 24 hour challenge, riding the 502 km from Lands End to Portsmouth in a time of just 18 hours and 29 minutes!

Raising funds for the Portsmouth Hospitals Charities, Nick took to the road as the clock struck midnight on 13th March and arrived at his destination, the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, Friday evening.

Nick said, “Haven’t felt this grateful – or this knackered – riding up Portsdown Hill before! Felt pretty hard at times, but SO much better for all the amazing support and knowing I was doing it for a great cause.”

Nick has also smashed his £2,000 fundraising target. So far he has raised a staggering £3,260 and the fund is still open for further donations at

Congratulations Nick!

Nick Tarmey arriving in Portsmouth