Evening Training Rides

The VC Venta Evening Training Rides are training rides with no designated leader controlling the pace. The pace will, therefore, typically be determined by the stronger participants, which may be higher than advertised.

If you are new to the Club, it is advisable that you join us for a Sunday social ride before joining one of our faster Tuesday training rides.

These are drop rides, so those attending must be prepared to find their own way home. The Club advises new members not to attempt these rides unless they are able to maintain the pace and accept the consequences of being dropped.

Having said that, they are exciting, demanding rides and form a great base for improving your performance.


From 30th March 2021, subject to BC and government guidance, we switch to the summer schedule for Tuesday evenings. Tuesday’s summer rides leave from The Winchester Hotel & Spa at 6:30 pm. There are two rides: A and B.  Please note LIGHTS ARE REQUIRED.

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The Winter Evening schedule commences on 25th October, starting from the Winchester Hotel & Spa at 7 pm. The routes chosen for winter rides are generally better lit and use larger roads so it’s safer than riding the country lanes at this time of the year.

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