Segment of the Month – July 2019 Results

Stage 6 in July was the puncheur’s stage Baybridge Lane to Owslebury.

Stage 6 – Baybridge Lane to Owslebury – Men

Rank Name Date Speed Time
1Daniel Mahony03-Jul-1919.3mi/h05:28
2Dave Morris23-Jul-1917.7mi/h05:57
3Ysarn Higgins08-Jul-1916.5mi/h06:23
4Pawel Niewiadomy18-Jul-1916.2mi/h06:30
5Keith Evans08-Jul-1916.1mi/h06:32
6Ben Gibbs07-Jul-1914.0mi/h07:32
7Stuart Gough10-Jul-1913.6mi/h07:46
8Jacob Hibberd11-Jul-1913.0mi/h08:07
9Timothy Salter04-Jul-1911.4mi/h09:15
10Tim Brandt07-Jul-1910.4mi/h10:06

Daniel Mahoney takes another stage win and extends his lead in the overall general classifcation.

General Classification – Men

Daniel Mahony 76
Dave Morris49
Barry Mullins 40
Keith Evans 38
Ysarn Higgins18
Tom Smith 17
James Locke 13
Ben Smith13
Andy Moores 12
Martin Evans 12
Adrian Baxter10
Neil Towns 10
Tom Glanvill 8
Kevin Harding 8
Pawel Niewiadomy8
Paul O’Halloran6
Marty F 5
Neil Wyatt 5
Ben Gibbs5
Simon Merryman 4
Jorge Manso4
Luis Parker4
Alan Parker4
Raf Izak4
Richard New4
Stuart Gough4
Wayne Smith3
Jacob Hibberd3
Alfie Marles2
William Fleming2
Timothy Salter2
David Martin1
Jay Tejani 1
Tim Brandt1

KOM – Men

Daniel Mahony 27
Barry Mullins 15
Dave Morris 15
Keith Evans 12
Neil Towns 6
Tom Smith 5
Andy Moores 4
Ben Smith4
Tom Glanvill 4
Martin Evans 4
Ysarn Higgins3
James Locke 2
Kevin Harding 2
Pawel Niewiadomy2

Sprint – Men

Daniel Mahony 21
Dave Morris15
Barry Mullins 11
Andy Moores 4
Adrian Baxter4
Martin Evans 4
Tom Smith 3
Ysarn Higgins3
James Locke 2
Paul O’Halloran2
Kevin Harding 2
Keith Evans 2
Pawel Niewiadomy2

August’s segment is the queen stage with an ascent of Old Winchester Hill.