September 2020 Strava Segment

September rolls around again, this year providing a short segment for the Puncheurs amongst us to showcase their power over some rolling hills.

We begin at the start of Northside Lane, arriving from the South off the B3047 Bishops Sutton Road.

The first and longer of two climbs on this segment begins fairly gently before ramping up as you continue on, passing under the Watercress Line railway arch that marks the midpoint of the first ascent. The road curves on gently to the left, cresting the first hill and then dips as you collect some speed passing the footpath sign on your right before the bottom of the descent.

The road runs for a short false-flat before you then climb for the second time on this segment, making the most of your momentum as you push on past the small cluster of farm buildings on your left, as the gradient then rises slightly.

The 30 mph road sign marks the outskirts of the village of Gundleton and signifies the final run-in to the finish line. The segment ends safely a few yards later, just as the road is starting to flatten out, as you pass the entrance to a housing development on your right.

At less than a mile in length, with only around 200 feet of total climbing over the two hills, this will be a quick segment, requiring a full-gas effort from the very start. Please stay safe and remember to stick to the current rules around social distancing and responsible riding.

As a reminder, the rules of the competition can be found here.

Here’s the link to September’s segment