September 2020 results and GC position

September’s Puncheur’s segment up to Gundleton proved to be a real challenge, with some close-run efforts across the month.

In the Women’s competition Izzy Wild took full advantage of the absence of a time being set by her closest rival Jools May, to take the full 15 points for first place with a new QoM of 3:06. Amazingly, Joanna Clarke came only 1 second away from matching Izzy’s time, with a 3:07 to capture the 12 points for second place. Vanda Kyselicova wrapped up third place with a time of 4:22.

In the Men’s competition, Martin Evans took the full 15 points for first place with the second quickest run up the segment of all time, hitting 2:36 on the last day of the month. Ben Gibbs held onto second place by the finest of margins, with a great time of 2:45 and Daniel Mahony followed closely in third place with a time of 2:46.

In the Women’s GC competition, Izzy Wild has solidified her position as Women’s GC champion-designate, now heading the table on 129 points.  Jools May remains in second place on 75 points. Joanna Clarke has leapt into third place on 46 points just ahead of both Nici Ferguson, Vanda Kyselicova who are both in equal fourth place on 44 points. The battle for that third podium position will now come down to the final month’s efforts.

In the Men’s GC competition Ben Gibbs is now also our Men’s GC champion-designate with an uncatchable 131 points. Ben joins Izzy in having the enviable option of sitting out October’s segment whilst knowing they cannot be caught.

Rather remarkably, James Cocker and Christopher Purver also find themselves, as second and third place riders respectively, with their points totals of 97 and 74 meaning they can neither catch the rider above them in the GC table, or be caught by the rider below them.

Their contributions (or lack thereof) in October may still have a role to play in splitting the extremely close-run battle for the remaining places in the top five of the GC table. Martin Evans, Jim Cascarini and Daniel Mahony can still all in theory take the fourth-place finish. The final placings will all come down to their performances in October.

The segment for October is the final one of this year and is marked appropriately, with the local favourite climb of Beacon Hill. The segment link can be found here:

Results for September 2020 segment


Position Name Time Points
1 Martin Evans 02:36 15
2 Ben Gibbs 02:45 12
3 Daniel Mahony 02:46 10
4 Christopher Purver 02:48 8
5 Jim Cascerini 02:49 6
6 James Cocker 02:51 5
7 Jack Reid 02:58 4
8 Philip Allen 03:07 3
9 Dave Morris 03:13 2
10 Jack Broadfoot 03:21 1



Position Name Time Points
1 Izzy Wild 03:06 15
2 Joanne Clarke 03:07 12
3 Vanda Kyselicova 04:22 10

2020 GC ranking


Position Name Points
1 Ben Gibbs 131
2 James Cocker 97
3 Christopher Purver 74
4 Martin Evans 58
5 Jim Cascarini 54
6 Daniel Mahony 49
7 Philip Hurst Jr 39
8 James Locke 34
9 Philip Allen 17
10 Pawel Niewiadomy 16
10 Andy Watkins 16
12 Ryan Seed 15
12 Dave Morris 15
14 TV 12
15 Giles Corner 10
16 Chris Hughes 9
17 Richard Smith 5
17 Barry Mullins 5
17 Jack Broadfoot 5
20 Raf Izak 4
20 Jack Reid 4
22 Adrian Baxter 3


Position Name Points
1 Izzy Wild 129
2 Jools May 75
3 Joanne Clarke 46
4 Nici Ferguson 44
4 Vanda Kyselicova 44