Are You Interested In Cycle Coaching?

The VC Venta coaching team will be meeting up on Monday 17th February to plan the sessions and coaching structure for this coming year and beyond.

If you’d like to get involved, contact Toby Leyland on or come along to find out more.

Monday 17th February 7:30 pm at the Golden Lion, Alresford Road, Winchester.


2019 Coaching Review VC Venta

Here’s a round up of the GO Ride coaching activity from 2019 as presented at the Club AGM.


  • 18% increase YoY in total numbers 239 v 205 in 2018
  • Gross revenue approx. £3200
  • Delivered 16 sessions across 3 seasons
  • Age range 5 to 16 years
  • 2 newly qualified Level 1 coaches
  • Newly Level 2 MTB qualified coach
  • Delivered Coaching Award for young volunteers
  • Delivered multiple dual coach sessions to improve quality
  • Used Expert riders to increase complexity and variety (thanks to Gray Surman)
  • Used young volunteers to inspire riders and assist coaches (thanks to George Whittle, Chrissie Slot and Harper Towns)
  • Used coach led racing in Group 5 to raise the complexity and quality


Sessions running near to full capacity for the event location and available coaching volunteers:

  • Spring 81 riders
  • Summer 75 riders
  • Autumn 83 riders

This equates to 239 delivered sessions of which approx. 150 are unique riders, so this makes Go-Ride the largest section of the Club.


Thanks to the coaching team for their dedication, commitment, enthusiasm and inspiration. Special thanks to Monica Hampson for looking after the co-ordination and being in charge of administration.

Coaching Team in 2019:

  • Chris Hughes
  • James Cocker
  • Malcolm Cross (CX)
  • Mark Berry
  • Raf Izak
  • Richard Sambrook Smith
  • Simon Cable
  • Steve Cox
  • Stuart Gilmour
  • Tansy Gill


  • CAYV but limited participation from 15-18 year olds despite contacting 15 local schools and DoE groups
  • Organised Level 1 coaching course at Princes Mead school but no participants from VC Venta


  • Site safety at P&R, multiple occasions of travellers on site, high risk to proceed with coaching, but to cancel is also not a long term option
  • Car drivers, learners, etc using the site and driving onto the circuit at the time of coaching.
  • Bikes poorly maintained (e.g. no brake lever) and parents wanting to continue.

Opportunities for 2020:

  • MTB coaching e.g. Gorrick Winter series, battle in the bowl
  • More volunteering opportunities
  • Involve race section members on a more frequent basis
  • Exchange kit/bikes
  • Vets and senior riders coaching
  • New Go Ride Head coach for 2021
  • Improve club delivered sessions for riders bridging the gap from U16 to Youth (u18).


Thanks to the club and committee for supporting the Go-Ride initiative and hoping to continue building in 2020.