May 2021 Segment of the Month

May 2021 Segment of the Month

May is here and so is our ‘sprint’ segment for this year’s challenge competition. At just about three quarters of a mile in length and with an average gradient of only 1.7%, you will need to bring fresh legs and a big power effort to place in the points this month.

You approach the segment from the West having travelled along Ashley road from the junction with Winchester road that runs to Kings Somborne.

Taking the first left into Chalk vale, the segment begins a few yards into the lane, beyond the junction. The profile of the segment is relatively simple; a modest false flat that meanders gently left and then right, before settling into a fairly straight run-in.

As you pass the farm building on your right, things gradually steepen with a small increase in gradient as you approach the finish line, which is immediately parallel to the junction on your left with Chalk Hill road.

This all seems very straightforward, but don’t allow the simplicity to fool you. In order to be successful you’ll need to be holding maximum power the entire time and getting out of the saddle for a big push at the end is likely to separate the winners from the also-rans.

The current KoM is set at 1:44 and the QoM is at 2:23, with an expectation both may be at ‘risk’ this month!

For safety reasons it is strongly recommended that you do not approach this segment from the East via the Ashley decent. This involves cutting across oncoming traffic into a relatively blind right hand turn that also passes over a narrowing junction with a lot of loose gravel; both aspects making this a potentially risky manoeuvre.

As always, please keep a sharp eye out for any oncoming traffic, adhere to the rules of the road and whatever the prevailing ‘social distancing’ rules may be at the time.

The link to the segment is here:

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April 2021 SoTM Results and Overall GC Position

April 2021 results and overall GC position

April brought with it a record number of attempts for segment of the month this year. On this popular local climb, a number of club members vied for points over the course of the month, with the leads changing hands on numerous occasions.

In the women’s competition, Izzy Wild returned to the competition, setting an impressive winning time of 02:12, sealing first place and taking the QoM with it for good measure. Joanne Clarke took a close second place with a time of 02:18 and Anna Turgoose took the final podium spot with a time of 02:49.

The women’s GC competition now has some interest and Joanne Clarke, who remains in the lead with 42 points, faces some potential competition for the remainder of this season, with Izzy Wild off the mark in second place, on 15 points and Anna Turgoose in third place on 10 points.

In the men’s competition, a total of 26 riders battled for honours on the Totford climb. The competition was fiercely fought and extremely close, with only 14 seconds separating the top-10 placed riders. Taking first place and the full 15 points, was James Cocker who powered himself up the hill in a super quick time of 01:51. Hot on his heels was Ben Gibbs, with last year’s defending champion sealing second place with a time of 01:54. Nick Barber was pushed into third spot, by the finest of margins, registering a time of 01:55.

In the men’s GC competition, James Cocker consolidates his first-place position, with 51 points. Ben Gibbs moves up into second place on 42 points. Christopher Purver has leapfrogged James Locke into third place on 33 points.

May brings with it the ‘sprinters’ segment for this year’s competition. This is likely to favour raw power over Watts / Kg and as a result we could see some new names at the top of our leader boards this month.

Click the link here to take a look at May’s segment:

Results for April segment challenge


Position Name Time Points
1 James Cocker 01:51 15
2 Ben Gibbs 01:54 12
3 Nick Barber 01:55 10
4 Christopher Purver 01:57 8
5 Dave Marshall 02:00 6
5 Andrew Cowie 02:00 6
7 Aaron Cooper 02:02 4
8 Jim Cascarini 02:04 3
9 Nick Tarmey 02:05 2
9 Martin Evans 02:05 2
11 Matt Gilmour 02:06 0
12 Max Flesher 02:13 0
13 Giles Corner 02:13 0
14 Daniel Mahony 02:19 0
15 Andy Watkins 02:23 0
16 Dave Morris 02:26 0
17 Michael Wise 02:32 0
18 David Martin 02:35 0
19 Toby Leyland 02:36 0
20 Robin Howett 02:41 0
21 Bary Mullins 02:41 0
22 James Collins 03:14 0
23 Keith Irvine 03:28 0
24 Dave Pilkington 03:28 0
25 Daniele Pirrone 03:31 0
26 Nick Richens 04:22 0


Position Name Time Points
1 Izzy Wild 02:12 15
2 Joanne Clarke 02:18 12
3 Anna Turgoose 02:49 10

Current GC ranking


Position Name Points
1 James Cocker 51
2 Ben Gibbs 42
3 Christopher Purver 33
4 James Locke 31
5 Nick Barber 25
6 Jim Cascarini 21
7 Andrew Cowie 16
8 Martin Evans 15
9 Dave Marshall 9
10 Andy Watkins 5
10 David Martin 5
12 Philip Allen 4
12 Aaron Cooper 4
14 Daniel Mahony 3
15 Neil Towns 2
15 Nick Tarmey 2
17 Jack Broadfoot 1


Position Name Points
1 Joanne Clarke 42
2 Izzy Wild 15
3 Anna Turgoose 10

VC Venta 'Sporting Ten' - Sunday 18 April 2021

VC Venta ‘Sporting Ten’ – The Results

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the VC Venta ‘Sporting Ten’ Time Trial on Sunday 18th April 2021. And a huge THANK YOU to all the volunteers and sponsors who made it happen.

The event was the first of the Sporting Time Trial Series (STTS) which included the first ‘Spring Cup’ event for the road bikes.

It turned out to be a glorious day in Winchester, with lots of extremely positive feedback from the riders for our first Open TT in two decades! We will most certainly be looking to organise more in the near future.

Now, drum roll please… below are the prize winners and awards from the event. All will be contacted directly via email.

Chapeau to some absolutely mind-blowing times on that course…that KOM (Charlie) is likely to remain for some time!

Prize Winners

Road Prizes 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Male Nick Tyrie £40 Callum Dunford £30 Aaron Cooper £20 N/A N/A
Female Hannah Lennard-Jones £40 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Junior/Youth Matthew Gilmour £20 Oscar Hoult £15 Pedro Hutchinson £10 Joshua Chamberlain £5 Ethan Skipwith £3
TT Prizes 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Male Charlie Bailey £40 Samuel Wadsley £30 George Skinner £20 N/A N/A


Grace Terry


Rebecca Fellows


£20 N/A N/A
Junior/Youth Felix Tuck £20 Thomas Caine £15 Samuel Hughes £10 N/A N/A

Road Bikes (Spring Cup)

No. Name Club/Team Cat Finish Time
40 Nick Tyrie Primera-Teamjobs Sen 22:23
28 Callum Dunford Jam Cycling Race Team Sen 22:38
31 Aaron Cooper Velo Club Venta Sen 22:58
19 Max Flesher Velo Club Venta Sen 23:29
39 Ollie Winwood Bratchell Velo Club Venta Esp 23:29
35 Ben Gibbs Velo Club Venta Vet 23:34
33 Will Salisbury Coalville Whs Sen 23:54
27 Matthew Gilmour Velo Club Venta Youth 24:20
36 James Goward Farnborough & Camberley CC Vet 24:35
38 Pete Christensen Alton CC/Owens Cycles Vet 24:48
29 Tom Smith Velo Club Venta Esp 24:49
30 Colin Mooney Portsdown Hill CC Vet 24:59
10 Daniel West GS Mossa Sen 25:06
21 Ruan Simpson Velo Club Venta Sen 25:35
13 Oscar Hoult Velo Club Venta Youth 26:04
12 Peter Robinson Farnborough & Camberley CC Sen 26:04
3 Jim Cascarini Velo Club Venta Vet 26:06
20 Giles Corner Clapham Chasers Sen 26:13
26 Mark Wright VC Godalming & Haslemere Vet 26:17
11 Pedro Hutchinson Velo Club Venta Youth 26:23
15 Martin Evans Velo Club Venta Vet 26:41
2 Mike Anderson CC Moncontour Vet 26:47
22 Andrew Phipps Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA Vet 26:55
8 David Price Petersfield Triathlon Club Sen 27:29
18 Stephen Skinner Velo Club St Raphael Vet 27:47
16 Nigel Powell Velo Club St Raphael Vet 28:07
24 Jerry Bromyard …a3crg Vet 28:10
4 Hannah Lennard-Jones Petersfield Triathlon Club WS 28:20
17 Andrew Cowie Velo Club Venta Vet 28:36
32 Stuart Thompson Velo Club St Raphael Vet 28:51
14 Vernon Schutte Farnborough & Camberley CC Vet 29:06
9 Joshua Chamberlain Velo Club Venta Youth 34:07
5 Ethan Skipwith Velo Club Venta Youth DNS
1 Kym Harvey Fareham Wheelers CC WV DNS (A)
6 Justin Olley Sotonia CC Vet DNS (A)
7 Brenda Hoult Velo Club Venta WV DNS (A)
23 Oscar Pratt Velo Club Venta Jun DNS (A)
25 Ben Sharrock Velo Club Venta Vet DNS (A)
34 Bob Richardson Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Vet DNS (A)
37 Matthew Norris Primera-Teamjobs Vet DNS (A)

TT Bikes (Stealth Machines)

No. Name Club/Team Cat Finish Time
63 Charlie Bailey Lee Valley Youth CC Esp 20:16
62 Samuel Wadsley Primera-Teamjobs Sen 21:07
58 George Skinner Primera-Teamjobs Sen 21:09
60 Ben Williams GS Mossa Sen 21:19
61 Henry Latimer Didcot Phoenix CC Sen 21:29
59 Justin Webb …a3crg Vet 21:46
54 Jamie Parkinson GS Mossa Sen 22:19
64 Jamie Franklin Velo Club Venta Sen 23:23
53 Felix Tuck V C Meudon Jun 23:53
51 James Bark Mickey Cranks Cycling Club Sen 24:13
50 Thomas Caine V C Meudon Jun 24:17
56 Drew Hosie …a3crg Vet 24:17
48 Chris Hughes Velo Club Venta Vet 25:35
52 Mike Boyce …a3crg Vet 26:49
45 Grace Terry Oakley Pedalers WS 27:00
46 Daniel Mahony Velo Club Venta Vet 27:05
47 Rebecca Fellows Tri Training Harder WS 28:09
42 Samuel Hughes Velo Club Venta Youth 30:57
44 Joanne Clarke Velo Club Venta WS DNS
49 Mike Askins Chiswick Cycling Club Sen DNS
55 Thomas Epton Southampton University Road CC Sen DNS
57 Jack Martin Velo Club Venta Esp DNS
43 Niclas Olley Sotonia CC Youth DNS (A)
65 Philip Allen Velo Club Venta Vet DNS (A)



‘All round good bloke and veteran tester’ Mike Anderson – CC Moncontour, for contributing to the prize pot for the riders:

Club Event Sponsor and Winchester Café – Eat, Drink and Be for their continued support with all VC Venta Racing events:


Coop’s Coffee and Protein Smoothies for providing drinks on the day from the van:


The Watercress Company for providing parking and free post-race bags of cress for the riders: Web:

Go-Rides Coaches and Co-ordinator Wanted

Join the Go-Ride Team

For this Spring’s Go-Ride Series we have been able to offer 75 places to coach young riders. That may sound like a lot, but places sold out after just a few hours of going live and many youngsters will be disappointed to have missed out.

The number of places available is directly related to the number of volunteer coaches we have available, and we would dearly like to have more.

Train as a Coach

If you would like to train as a coach we’d like to hear from you. VC Venta provides free training – and guaranteed free Go-Ride places for your children!

Training sessions are available year-round and various locations in the area, so we will look to find the right one for you.

Go-Ride Co-ordinator

We’re also looking to recruit a volunteer as the Go-Ride Co-ordinator, helping with the administration involved in setting up the coaching sessions. Again, we can offer guaranteed free Go-Rides places for your children as an incentive!

If you are interested in finding out more, do get in touch on

April Segment of the Month

April 2021 Segment of the Month

April 2021 Segment of the Month

April’s segment sees us make a welcome return to one of the more popular and familiar climbs in our local area. This is one that will likely favour the lighter or more ‘punchy’ riders in our club and the relatively short segment length means the competition for points is set to be closely fought.

At around 1000m in length and with an average gradient of just under 5%, the Strava description doesn’t really tell the full story of this climb. Ramps of over 9% and a middle section averaging between 6% and 7% for a significant portion, means getting out of the saddle will be an inevitable requirement if you want your effort to count at the sharp end of the leader-board.

April Segment of the Month

In complete contrast to last month’s longer TT segment, any ideas of carefully measured pacing with a finely judged tempering of power, whilst holding an aero position, need to be abandoned here. Your approach to Totford hill from the B3046 Candovers road will see you drop down the short gradient that leads you into the climb.

As you pass over the small bridge, the segment begins. Almost immediately the gradient kicks up as you turn sharply to your left and attack the start of the climb-proper. This initial section is the steepest part of the climb and how well you can cope with the effort needed to hold some decent speed here, will play a big part in determining your final placing.

The gradient softens slightly as the road twists first slightly left then more obviously right and the main part of the hill opens out in front of you. If you haven’t cooked your legs already, then you’ll need to hold above-threshold levels of power for the remainder of this middle part of the climb, as the hedgerow drops slightly and pleasing views across the valley open out to your left.

The start of a line of trees on your left marks the advent of another slight kick in the gradient and also tells you the run-in to the finish line is soon about to begin. As the climb continues the gradient falls away in front of you.

Unfortunately this is no time to ease off your power. With around 200m to go, you now need to summon a final effort to sprint for the finish line, as the road curves gently to your right, levelling off just before you reach the segment end, clearly marked by the old road sign for East Stratton which is on your left, just beyond the top of Northington hill road.

A quick look at the Strava ‘all time’ leader-board shows that one of our own club members holds the current KoM, with a frankly ludicrous time of 01:47. It will take a special effort for any of this month’s SoTM competitors to unseat JP from his top spot.

In contrast, the women’s QoM of 02:15 is tantalisingly within sight for current SoTM leader Joanne Clarke who holds a currently recorded blistering PB time of 02:34.

As always, please keep a sharp eye out for any wayward oncoming traffic, especially on the first corner at the foot of the climb; and please adhere to the rules of the road and whatever the prevailing ‘social distancing’ rules may be at the time.

The link to the segment is here:

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March 2021 SoTM Results and Overall GC Position

March 2021 results and overall GC position

March brought us some warmer weather, lighter evenings and more importantly a significant increase in the number of attempts in our segment of the month competition. March’s TT segment of just under 3 miles in length attracted a bumper level of interest, with perhaps the lack of climbing made the prospect more attractive!

In the women’s competition, Joanne Clarke put in the only effort on this month’s segment, with an impressive time of 08:02. Joanne therefore takes the full 15 points for March and remains at the top of the women’s GC table with 30 unchallenged points.

Hopefully the advent of more good weather, coupled with the removal of some lockdown restrictions, will see a renewed interest in the women’s competition, leading to some challengers to Joanne’s control of all the points.

In the men’s competition, a total of 18 riders made attempts on this month’s segment. In fact, a handful of competitors made multiple attempts, in an effort to outdo their fellow club members; and so as the month progressed, the lead did change hands a few times.

Topping the podium this month, with a blistering effort right on the last day, was Nick Barber with a time of 07:17. James Cocker came a close second with an equally impressive time of 07:25 and James Locke closed out the top three positions with a time of 07:34.

The incredibly close level of competition in the men’s category was clearly evident, as only 16 seconds separated Ben Gibbs in fourth place, on 07:38 and Andrew Cowie in ninth place on 07:54.

In the men’s GC competition, James Cocker stays in the lead on 36 points. James Locke has moved up to second place on 31 points and last year’s defending champion Ben Gibbs is close behind in third place with 30 points.

In the best of the rest, Christopher Purver has clear distance between his in fourth place on 25 points and the chasing group of Jim Cascarini, Nick Barber and Martin Evans on 18, 15 and 13 points respectively

Things could be set to change though with our April segment, which sees us return to a local ‘favourite’ climb. In contrast to March’s TT segment, this will surely favour the lighter or more ‘punchy’ riders in our club.

Click the link here to take a look at April’s segment:

Results for March Segment Challenge


Position Name Time Points
1 Nick Barber 07:17 15
2 James Cocker 07:25 12
3 James Locke 07:34 10
4 Ben Gibbs 07:38 8
5 Martin Evans 07:43 6
6 Jim Cascarini 07:47 5
7 Christopher Purver 07:49 4
8 Dave Marshall 07:51 3
9 Andrew Cowie 07:54 2
10 Philip Allen 08:10 1
11 Andy Watkins 08:31 0
12 Robin Howett 09:13 0
13 Barry Mullins 09:31 0
14 Jack Broadfoot 09:47 0
15 Daniel Mahony 10:06 0
16 Giles Corner 10:21 0
17 Toby Leyland 11:01 0
18 Nick Richens 11:23 0


Position Name Time Points
1 Joanne Clarke 08:02 15
2 12
3 10
4 8

Current GC Ranking


Position Name Points
1 James Cocker 36
2 James Locke 31
3 Ben Gibbs 30
4 Christopher Purver 25
5 Jim Cascarini 18
6 Nick Barber 15
7 Martin Evans 13
8 Andrew Cowie 10
9 Andy Watkins 5
9 David Martin 5
11 Philip Allen 4
12 Daniel Mahony 3
12 Dave Marshall 3
14 Neil Towns 2
15 Jack Broadfoot 1


Position Name Points
1 Joanne Clarke 30

Go-Ride Spring Series Now Open

Go-Ride Spring 2021 – Now on sale

VC Venta is pleased to announce that our Go-Ride coaching programme is back on track and the Spring 2021 series is now on sale!

As you can imagine, things will be a little bit different this year, and we will be strictly adhering to government and British Cycling guidance, with protocols in place to ensure safety for all.

Go-Ride is open to young riders aged 6 to 16 years, who will be divided into 5 groups based on age, skill and ability.

Registration is required for each series and costs just £20 per rider per series.

The Go-Ride sessions are held at the South Winchester Park & Ride, in a traffic free closed road circuit.

Sorry, the Spring Series 2021 is now fully booked.

Spring 2021 Dates

Session 1 – Sunday, 18th April
Session 2 – Sunday, 25th April
Session 3 – Sunday, 2nd May
Session 4 – Sunday, 9th May
Session 5 – Sunday 16th May
Session 6 – Sunday 23rd May

Go-Ride Full Details

Tuesday Evening Rides Restart

Tuesday Evening Rides Restart

Only two days to go until the VC Venta club rides recommence, starting with the Tuesday Summer Ride on Tuesday 30th March.

This Tuesday we plan to run both a Chain Gang and an A Ride; however, this will depend on how many people come along. With the weather forecast to be warm and sunny, it’s looking like Tuesday will provide some great riding conditions so why not come along?

If you are unfamiliar with the Tuesday Evening rides please ensure you read the ride information beforehand – these rides are really fun but are generally faster than the Sunday club rides.

This week the Chain Gang will be using the Winter Route and the A Ride will be using the Stockbridge Route

Ride Leaders Wanted

Ride Leaders Wanted

As we plan for the Club Rides to recommence from the 30 March, we’re looking for volunteers who can lead the Sunday rides in April. If you’d like to lead a ride, please click the button below and complete the form, advising of your availability for any of the April dates and for which group you’d like to lead.

If you would like any guidance on leading a club ride please get in touch or see our Guidance for Ride Leaders. You are welcome to choose your own route, but if you need some ideas the Club has a list of published routes that you can choose from.

Ride Leaders May 2021

Youth Development Session

Youth Development Session

Sunday 11th April – Please arrive at 09.30 hrs for a 10.00 hrs start.

South Winchester Park & Ride, SO21 2FG

What’s It About?

The coaching and racing team are combining to offer an endurance-based (road) coaching session for all youth A and youth B members (under 16 and under 14) as preparation for a return to competitive racing following the latest lockdown. Head coach and race team manager Toby Leyland will be leading the on-bike coaching session with riders supported (hopefully) by some of our race team. Youth Racing Officer Stuart Gilmour will run an information session for parents whose child may be new to racing covering some of the myths and mysteries associated with bike racing.


This is a club activity and you do not need to pre-register, however, it would be helpful for us to have an idea of how many riders are likely to attend so that we can plan appropriate group training drills and divide in to potential training groups if necessary. Please notify your interest by email to Stuart at


FREE – Yes, you read that correctly. This is a free coaching session. All you need is enthusiasm and a commitment to work hard.

Information for Riders

Riders should treat the session like a two-hour road ride and be suitably equipped. Recommended kit list, 2 bottles, food, race cape, spare tube and a pump is the minimum, plus loads of enthusiasm…..and of course a bike in roadworthy condition. The session will run in all weather conditions other than snow so please bring suitable clothing as temperatures can vary drastically during a morning at this time of year.

Information for Parents

The information session will be outside under the VC Venta gazebo. Please bring appropriate clothing, garden chair or seating of your choice and a flask or bottle containing the drink of your choice.

Covid Guidance

This session will be run in compliance with the latest guidance from British Cycling regarding coaching activity. The British Cycling Document “The Way Forward” outlines what activity is permitted but as of 29th March we can offer outdoor coach-led club training. Please continue to respect other people’s personal space when not on the bike.

If you have any questions or queries about this session, please email Stuart on

Club Rides Set to Re-Start

Club Rides Set to Recommence

We are really pleased to announce that VC Venta club rides will recommence from the end of March 2021, subject to government guidance.

Dates for your Calendar

  • Tuesday 30th March – Tuesday Evening Rides
  • Sunday 4th April – Sunday Club Rides

Following the government’s recent announcement on easing lockdown, from 29th March cycling in groups of up to 6 people will be permitted again. For the time being, we will continue to follow the guidance related to COVID-19 track and trace with the following processes in place.


• To conform to the guidance set out by British Cycling, we need to track who is in each group
• For Sunday Club Rides we are using the VC Venta Sunday Rides Booking Form, please ensure you register before 9 pm on the Saturday prior to the ride
• If you have the NHS COVID-19 app, you will be able to check-in on the day using a QR code. This is not necessary if you have already registered using the form above

Rides booking form

Sunday Club Rides

• We will be organising all three Sunday Club ride speeds 14, 16 and 18
• For each speed, there will be one or more groups of up to 6 people depending on how many people turn up
• All rides will depart at 08:30 am from the Winchester Hotel & Spa car park on Worthy Lane; however, the meeting point for each ride will be separated
• The Club 18 ride (18 to 20+ mph) will meet on the exit side of the car park
• The Club 16 ride (16 to 17 mph) will meet in the car park on the opposite side from the Hotel
• The Club 14 ride (14 to 15mph) will meet at the normal meeting location

Tuesday Evening Rides

• Depending on the number of participants, there will be one or more groups of up to 6 people
• Again depending on participants, there will be either a Chain Gang, an A Ride or a B Ride. Please see Tuesday Evening Summer Rides for details
• Pre-registration is not required for the Tuesday Evening rides but a participating member will be required to confirm attendance

General Guidance

• Please arrive at the club ride meeting points no earlier than 10 minutes before the start time and maintain social distancing of 2 metres between you and any other rider whilst waiting
• At present we are unable to accommodate guest riders so the rides will only open to VC Venta Club members, including 2nd claim members
• Please do not consider joining the rides if you have COVID-19, have symptoms, or are isolating as a contact, or if someone you live with is shielding, or you are shielding
• Make sure you come equipped with spare tubes, tool, pump etc. to minimise contact with others as these should not be shared
• Once a ride departs we will be unable to pick up additional riders, this ensures that each group is no larger than 6 people
• Please ensure you are at the meeting point before the ride start time, even if you have registered, the ride will not wait for you to start

Further information about safe riding can be found on the British Cycling website and we recommend that anyone coming along to the VC Venta club rides are familiar with this advice. British Cycling COVID Guidance

VC Venta Club Kit Update

VC Venta Kit Update

Initial order closes Thursday, 25th March

For 2021, with a broader scope for the “race team” (see Race Team Developments for 2021) and revised sponsorship, there is a change in the process for ordering race kit and Club kit.

VC Venta Race kit will be the Castelli Premium range sourced through Saddleback, designed in VC Venta colours with sponsors logos, and bib shorts in dark blue without logos.

This is a premium range of clothing that will be offered to Club members at a significant discount to retail prices. This range is aimed at any Club member who is looking to ride and race in any type of event (road, MTB, CX, TT etc.) and wants to wear club colours with premium equipment.

The Club kit range is currently supplied by Kalas and will not be changed until late 2021 at the earliest. There is a full range of club short/long sleeve tops, bib shorts and cycling apparel. This includes our current range of tops for youth & junior riders at a very competitive price. There is no requirement for youth and junior riders to have race kit.

Please refer to the Castelli Size Chart Castelli Size Guide | Saddleback.

Club Kit Ordering

For all Club kit orders please email Nick Richens on Please see Club Kit for details of the full range of items, size guide and prices.

Race Kit Ordering

The initial order will close on the Thursday, 25th March 2021, and thereafter we aim to transition to small batch ordering on a regular basis.

Please complete the Race Kit Order Form confirming the item(s) required and size, and make a deposit payment of £40 per item.

Please note, the kit is “race fit” so measure twice and order once, referring to the  using the Castelli Size Chart.

The items are priced at a significant discount to retail prices (often more than 30%) but we appreciate this can be expensive for some riders, please contact the Race Manager, should you need further support on discounts.

order race kit

Race Kit Items

Code Product Name Retail Price Club Price
4300410 AERO RACE 6.0 JERSEY £110 £80
4300413 AERO PRO WOMEN’S JERSEY £115 £80
4300415 SANREMO 4.0 SPEED SUIT, Progetto X2 Seamless seat pad £260 £165
4300416 FREE AERO RACE 4 BIB SHORT, Progetto X2 Seamless seat pad £160 £105
4300417 FREE AERO RACE 4 WOMEN’S BIB SHORT, Progetto X2 £160 £105
4320458 COMPETIZIONE BIB SHORT, Kiss Air 2 seat pad £110 £75
4300453 PERFETTO TEAM (LONG SLEEVE) £200 £145