Segment of the Month – August 2019 Results

Stage 7 in August was the queen (with double KOM points) and final stage in this year’s competition for the climb up Old Winchester Hill.

Well done to everyone who took part in this year’s Segment of the Month competition.

Stage 7 – Old Winchester Hill – Men

Rank Name Date Speed Time
1Sam Malam15-Aug-1915.5mi/h08:13
2Chris Hutchings13-Aug-1915.4mi/h08:17
3Ysarn Higgins13-Aug-1914.7mi/h08:41
4Daniel Mahony31-Aug-1914.4mi/h08:52
5James Fox17-Aug-1914.3mi/h08:55
6Julian Mann13-Aug-1914.3mi/h08:56
7Nick Tarmey 15-Aug-1914.2mi/h08:58
8William Fleming24-Aug-1914.0mi/h09:08
9Andy Watkins17-Aug-1913.9mi/h09:10
10Mark Watts13-Aug-1913.9mi/h09:12
11James Locke13-Aug-1913.7mi/h09:19
12Thom ‚Äč04-Aug-1913.7mi/h09:21
13Dave Morris11-Aug-1913.6mi/h09:22
14Ed Gurney31-Aug-1913.6mi/h09:25
15Martin Evans20-Aug-1913.3mi/h09:38
16David Martin13-Aug-1913.1mi/h09:43
17Jake CR13-Aug-1913.1mi/h09:43
17Keith Evans28-Aug-1913.1mi/h09:44
19Matt G28-Aug-1912.9mi/h09:52
20Adam Wilkinson26-Aug-1912.9mi/h09:53
21Owen Lewis15-Aug-1912.8mi/h09:57
22Charlie Mitchell31-Aug-1912.4mi/h10:17
23James Eagles 30-Aug-1912.2mi/h10:28
24Adrian Baxter15-Aug-1912.1mi/h10:31
25Charlie Walters 23-Aug-1911.8mi/h10:51
26Ollie Beresford30-Aug-1911.7mi/h10:55
27Simon Waite04-Aug-1911.2mi/h11:25
28Pete Carty31-Aug-1911.1mi/h11:29
29Simon Walters26-Aug-1911.1mi/h11:32
30Keith Allam 02-Aug-1911.1mi/h11:33
31Ollie Mitchelll26-Aug-1910.7mi/h11:54
32Philip Allen12-Aug-1910.6mi/h12:03
33Myles Gascoyne15-Aug-1910.3mi/h12:24
34Stuart Morton25-Aug-1910.3mi/h12:26
35Russell Blackman04-Aug-1910.2mi/h12:33
36Mark Raines11-Aug-1910.1mi/h12:38
37Andy Key31-Aug-199.8mi/h12:58
38Steve Callister31-Aug-199.7mi/h13:11
39Philip Baker19-Aug-198.3mi/h15:26
40Ollie Winwood Bratchell08-Aug-197.6mi/h16:46
41Richard Shingleton-Smith26-Aug-196.4mi/h20:06
42Philip Hurst Jr.26-Aug-196.3mi/h20:11
43Matt Haskell 22-Aug-195.8mi/h21:56

General Classification – Men – Final Standings (2019)

Congratulations to Daniel Mahoney for winning this year’s VC Venta Segment of the Month general classification, KOM, and Sprint competions.

Daniel Mahony 84
Dave Morris49
Barry Mullins 40
Keith Evans 38
Ysarn Higgins28
Tom Smith 17
Sam Malam15
Ben Smith13
James Locke 13
Andy Moores 12
Chris Hutchings12
Martin Evans 12
Adrian Baxter10
Neil Towns 10
Kevin Harding 8
Pawel Niewiadomy8
Tom Glanvill 8
James Fox6
Paul O’Halloran6
Ben Gibbs5
Julian Mann5
Marty F 5
Neil Wyatt 5
William Fleming5
Alan Parker4
Jorge Manso4
Luis Parker4
Nick Tarmey4
Raf Izak4
Richard New4
Simon Merryman 4
Stuart Gough4
Jacob Hibberd3
Wayne Smith3
Alfie Marles2
Andy Watkins2
Timothy Salter2
David Martin1
Jay Tejani 1
Mark Watts1
Tim Brandt1

KOM – Men – Final Standings (2019)

Daniel Mahony 31
Barry Mullins 15
Dave Morris 15
Keith Evans 12
Sam Malam10
Ysarn Higgins9
Chris Hutchings8
Neil Towns 6
Tom Smith 5
Andy Moores 4
Ben Smith4
Tom Glanvill 4
Martin Evans 4
James Locke 2
Kevin Harding 2
Pawel Niewiadomy2
James Fox2

Sprint – Men – Final Standings (2019)

Daniel Mahony 21
Dave Morris15
Barry Mullins 11
Andy Moores 4
Adrian Baxter4
Martin Evans 4
Tom Smith 3
Ysarn Higgins3
James Locke 2
Paul O’Halloran2
Kevin Harding 2
Keith Evans 2
Pawel Niewiadomy2

Stage 7 – Old Winchester Hill – Women

1Izzy Wild 26-Aug-1911.7mi/h10:55
2Jools May26-Aug-196.3mi/h20:13

General Classification – Women – Final Standings (2019)

Well done Izzy Wild for winning the women’s general classification and sprint competitions, and Hannah Shergold for winning the QOM competition.

Izzy Wild 30
Hannah Shergold 15
Alexandra Fawkes12
Jools May12

QOM – Women – Final Standings (2019)

Hannah Shergold 10
Izzy Wild 10
Jools May8
Alexandra Fawkes0

Sprint – Women – Final Standings (2019)

Izzy Wild 10
Alexandra Fawkes8