Can you help at the Women’s Road Race?

With the race season rapidly approaching, it is time to ask for help and support from our Club Members.

This year, in addition to the men’s Summer Road Race at Stockbridge, we are hosting a Women’s Road Race for 2/3/4 category riders (including Juniors) on the Crawley Circuit.

We need your help to fill the roles shown below. For the driving roles if you do not have BC membership, BC Bronze membership can be arranged by the club.

It is only with your volunteer support that we can run these events. Refreshment’s will be provided to all helpers free of charge.

The race details are as follows:

Sunday 22nd March 2019
Start Time: 10.30 am (help required 9.30 am- 1 pm)
Race Distance: 42 miles
Event HQ: Littleton Village Hall


Course setup / Take down (min 2 people)
Course setup / Take down (min 2 people)
Signing on
Driver for Chief Comms (must be BC member)
Driver for Comms 1 (must be BC member)
Driver for Comms 3 (must be BC member)
Lead Car 1 (must be BC member)
Lead Car 2 (must be BC member)
Assistant Judge 1
Neutral Service Driver (must be BC member)
Neutral Service Person
Red Flag Marshall 1 - Three Maids Roundabout
Red Flag Marshall - spare
Refreshments at HQ
First Aid Cover 1

If you are planning on riding the event, please can you nominate a family member/friend to help on your behalf.

If you haven’t performed a particular role before don’t worry you will be given all the information you need.

Please respond with any offer of help to Michele Ward on

If you would be interested in sponsoring this event or providing prizes it would be greatly appreciated.